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If you have a large domestic property or commercial premises with a large number of locks then you may find it a challenge to keep a note of which key kits which lock or even which building. London Locksmiths are experts in providing master key and keyed alike solutions.

Most locks are keyed different and for obvious reasons there are many combinations of cylinders, barrels and keys to keep the locks secure by having a high number of different combinations. This can become a problem if you have a large number of buldings and locks to organise. So a good solution is to have a set or suite of keyed different locks, for regular acess and a master key that opens all the locks for the landlord or even cleaners that require access to different areas in buildings or even different buildings.

London Locksmiths can provide you with a master key consultancy service, design and install a practical master key or keyed alike solution to meet your individual requirements.

To talk to us about your requirements for keyed different suites of locks with a master key you can contact our team on 0800 389 8864.

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Keyed alike systems come in a set or suite of locks that can all be opened with one key. This is a very good system for offices where doors need to be locked out of hours but because the locks are keyed alike members of staff will have access to all areas using just one key.

London locksmiths can advise you on which system would work best for your security requirements, generally speaking master keys systems are better for tighter access control as they are more secure, keyed a like is useful so that you can control access to the building(s) but your staff or team have full access internally with a keyed alike system.

London Locksmiths are experts in security and access control and will often advise a combination of master key and keyed alike locks. To discuss your acces control requirements using master keys and keyed alike systems, call our team on 0800 389 8864.